Hi, i’m Keelan.

I have many passions, but most of them centre on creating new things or learning new skills. (Or learning new skills to create new things with.) Right now my main focus is learning JavaScript and experimenting with creating web programs.


colour I like bright, vivid colours. (I once got in a bit of trouble in art school for doing too much fauvism when it wasn’t part of the assignment.) I make colour schemes (for websites, fashion, and everything in between) as a Fiverr gig. I also write about design and colour over at Keelan Rosa Colour.

digital mixed-media I start my work in pencil to get an immediate texture which takes longer to establish digitally, then scan the work so I can take advantage of layers and experiment with colours. You can see reproductions of the digital work on my Imagekind account.

screenprints Okay, i usually like playing with colours. But sometimes i want something as high-contrast as possible. Bold black-and-white (and occasionally gold or silver) screenprints featuring natural or animal motifs can be found in my Etsy shop.